About Club Pet Too

Did you know that Club Pet is one of the first doggie daycares established in Michigan? First opened in downtown Milford in 1997, it was the first to combine overnight boarding, grooming, and a social setting. In order to fulfill the demand for our services, Club Pet Too was opened in Commerce Township in 2002, and to this day, both facilities are still going strong! Our two convenient locations are local favorites among pet owners, because they know that when they bring their pets to visit, they are in experienced and loving hands. When your pets stay with us, they are in their home away from home! Club Pet and Club Pet Too were sold, and was now under new management. Although the ownership has changed, the small business values and love for your furry friends stayed the same!

What Makes Us Better?

Our philosophy is simple….make the pets in our care feel loved, and love them all. We don’t believe in restricting our services to only pets who pass hastily performed and arbitrary temperament tests. We don’t have breed bans. We can accommodate intact males and females. We care for dogs from 13 weeks old all the way through their golden years, no matter their special needs. We carefully structure their introductions to give them the time and space they need to be successful. As they show more confidence, they are given more freedom and the “load” of additional playmates. If they never fully integrate into a free-play setting, no big deal. They can be let out individually to get exercise and hands-on attention.

When your pets come to Club Pet, we want them to feel like they are in their “home away from home.” We guarantee that our staff will know more than your pets’ name when they visit. They will know your pet’s personality, play-style, dietary and medical history, and quirks. After nearly 20 years in the business, we know exactly what dogs need.

  • All-day play for daycare, boarding, and grooming guests
  • A highly trained staff
  • ​A clean, safe, indoor-outdoor facility
  • ​Meals/medications prepared to exact owner specifications
  • ​Play groups that suit dogs’ unique sizes, ages, and personalities
  • ​Facilities for dogs/owners that elect not to socialize

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Resources For Your Dog & Cat

Pet Poison Hotline

Depending on your dog this website will be needed once or twice in your pets life.  The truth is dogs get into things.  If your wondering the risk this is the first phone call to find out if you should go to the vet.

American Heartworm Association

This organization plans and protects your dog from heartworm disease.  This is a real disease that your dog can get and will cause harm.  Please keep your dog on prevention at all times.


Learning about preventing flea and tick disease is important in Michigan.  You can see our season at the AKC resource with this link.

Club Pet Too, 3181 Walnut Lake Rd, Commerce Township, MI 48390-1744