Dog Boarding At Club Pet Too

At Club Pet Too, your dog will spend their days in a play area that is right for them. We have separate rooms for large dogs, puppies, geriatrics, small dogs, and even toy breeds. This set-up allows dogs of any temperament- whether energetic, laid-back, mild-mannered, or old, to enjoy socialization, hands-on care by our staff, and space to stretch out and relax! We provide exercise and fun for an energetic puppy, quiet comfort for an older pet, and enough cuddle time to please even the most pampered lap dog! We also have facilities for dogs and owners who elect not to socialize their dogs.

When boarding, dogs socialize 7 days a week, with one-hour breaks at mealtimes (just like our daycare program). Dogs also enjoy fresh air in our large outdoor yards seven times a day. At night, pets are given individual kennels equipped with bedding (ours or yours), personal items from home (leave at your own risk!), and meals made to order! You can even request special lunch or bedtime treats! Every pet is known by more than just their name- we know their personalities, details about their play style, eating habits, and health histories.

Our Staff keeps thorough records of your dogs’ behavior, health, and eating habits. Any observations are communicated to owners, and steps will always be taken to ensure your pets’ well-being while in our care. Rest assured, when they are here, they are cared for by watchful, thoughtful, and well-trained staff. We consider your pets a part of our family, too! But don’t just take our word for it … read what our clients have to say about Club Pet. You will immediately notice what sets us apart from others … our heart!

PLEASE NOTE: We have shortened the window for boarding drop-off and pick-up, but we will offer early/late drop-off and late pick-up for a small fee.

NEW: For boarding, we have always accepted intact dogs and dogs that do not participate in play. Effective 02/01/22, intact dogs over 9 months old and solo-play guests will be charged a slightly higher fee due to extra handling required.

Overnight Boarding Rates:

Boarding Drop-Off & Pick-Up hours are 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM, Monday-Saturday, and Sunday from 7-11 AM & 3-7 PM.

Early drop-off, late drop-off, and late pick-up are $10 per kennel/per occurrence.

The late pick-up fee is waived if your pet is groomed on pick-up day!

Dog Boarding:

Pricing is for dogs that participate in play group (all-day play included at no charge). Oral medications administered at no charge. Injections/Complex Tx, call for pricing.

$49.50/night 1 dog

$82.50/night 2 dogs in 1 kennel

$34/night for each additional dog in one kennel (3 or more dogs sharing a kennel is subject to approval based on size and temperament)

Solo-Play Suites

Pricing is for dogs that do not participate in play group. Oral medications administered at no charge. Injections/Complex Tx, call for pricing.

$59.50/night 1 dog

$93.50/night 2 dogs in 1 kennel

Boarding Extras

Enrichment Treats: stuffed kongs, snuffle mats, flavored ice cubes, etc … $7

Focused Fun: 15 minutes of private 1-1 time with attendant – leash obedience practice, rope/ball play, massage, scent work, etc … $11

Spay/Neuter Policy: Dogs over 9 months old who are not spayed or neutered, and who will be participating in group play, are welcomed for an additional $10/night.

Please speak to one of our staff members for full details & pricing if you are interested in finding out more about our à la carte services.

Cat Boarding

$22/night for 1 cat

$33/night for 2 cats in 1 condo. (It is not recommended to board more than 2 cats per condo)

Spay/Neuter Policy: All cats over 6 months old must be spayed or neutered.

Cage Animals

$22/night per cage. (Owners must provide all pet supplies, including, the primary enclosure, extra bedding, feeding/watering dishes, and feed)

Club Pet Too, 3181 Walnut Lake Rd, Commerce Township, MI 48390-1744