Dog Grooming At Club Pet Too

We provide all-breed pet grooming in the hands of experienced professional groomers – not just the simple bathing provided by most daycare or boarding facilities. On top of that, our grooming clients enjoy all the care that our guests receive- large facilities, a loving staff providing for their needs, and if you choose, daycare!

Services Provided

We provide a complete range of services for all sizes and breeds of dog. From a simple bathe & dry to wash the fun off your boarding dog, to a perfectly styled breed-specific haircut. We also provide a-la-carte services that you can request while your pets enjoy daycare and boarding, or you can add them to your regular grooming to make it “deluxe.”

Hydrosurge bathing system that always leaves your dogs squeaky clean

Hand blow-dry and cool-air only cage drying (no heated crate dryers on premises)

Complete line of quality shampoos to meet your pets’ specific needs (additional charges may apply)

A-La-Carte grooming services such as: toothbrushing, nail filing, and anal gland expression

Fancy finishes- cologne, bandanas, bows, & even nail-polish

All grooming clients must provide proof of current Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. Negative fecal and negative heartworm are recommended but only required if your pet participates in daycare while visiting. 


*Pricing is based on your pets’ breed, size, coat condition, and handling. All pricing is an estimate only until assessed by a qualified staff member.

Grooming Prices

Cancellation/no-show policy: If 24 hr notice is not given, we require pre-payment of next groom (If next appointment is not honored, the deposit is forfeited).

ALL PRICES ARE BASE ONLY: Extra dirty dogs, specialty breed cuts, long (1”+) cuts, matted hair, extra undercoat, geriatric and difficult dogs subject to charges at $60/rates. Please speak with your groomer to determine if extra fees apply.

Daycare with grooming $10/day for any pet here over 5 hours.

Add-On Services:
Anal Glands: $9.00
Nail Dremel: $9.00
Tooth Brush: $6.00
Combo of all three services: $20.00
Collar Tie, Bow Tie, or Flower: $5.00

Exit Bath Add-Ons:
Nail Trim: $10.00
Nail Trim / Dremel: $15.00
Ear Cleaning: $10.00

Specialty Shampoo & Conditioners:
Anti-Itch Shampoo: Small: $4 Medium: $5 Large/Giant: $6
Medicated Shampoo: Small: $4 Medium: $5 Large/Giant: $6
Hypoallergenic/Unscented: Small: $4 Medium: $5 Large/Giant: $6

Furminator Two-Step Treament:
Small dog: $11.00
Medium dog: $16.00
Large dog: $20.00
Giant dog: $25.00

Skunk Treament:
Small dog: $12.00
Medium dog: $16.00
Large dog: $20.00
Giant dog: $24.00

Grooming Services à la Carte:
Anal Glands: $23.00 (includes washing rear)
Nail Trim: $17.00
Nail Trim with Dremel: $21.00
Ear Cleaning: $11.00

Club Pet Too, 3181 Walnut Lake Rd, Commerce Township, MI 48390-1744